Unlock your body language

Unlock your body language

Your body communicates in a rich language, even when you’re not speaking.

If I‘m standing with your arms rigid against your sides and tell you how “excited I am to be here,” do you believe me?

How about when I tell you “excited I am to be here” while using hand gestures?

When we feel uncomfortable, our bodies do strange things. We tend to adopt awkward, fixed positions that I call locks.

Common body locks include: The fig leaf. At ease. Hands in pockets. Folded arms (stay away from me!).

Counter body locking by starting with your hands at your side. At first this may not seem very comfortable, but it’s position in which your hands are ready to support your words. This in turn leads to more natural gestures. (When we are standing or sitting our bodies have a resting point.)

Should you force hand gestures or use them all the time? Of course not. But chances are you will discover that hand motions can energize your words while relieving body tension. Unlocking gives you an open body stance and leads to natural gestures—the foundation of an effective presentation.

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