Media/presentation training. Knowing how to communicate effectively with the media can often make or break a company ‘s reputation. It’s critical to know how to position yourself or your company  in the media. This means knowing how to behave in front of the media and how to communicate messages to journalists whose objectives are different from yours.

Our interactive workshop  is designed for companies, public organizations, NGOs, and managers who want to learn the most effective ways to deal with the media.

Crisis communications. We work closely with individuals and teams on how to prepare for and manage crisis communications.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico offers a textbook  example of what can happen to a company’s reputation when it fails to communicate effectively during a crisis. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t think about crisis communications until a crisis is unfolding. Yet preparing for crisis communications is one of the easiest steps a company can take to protect its reputation—easy in the sense you can have a plan in place before the sky falls.

Like all our workshops, our crisis communication training is highly interactive. Using a series of scenarios, we expose participants to media- charged confrontations that include on-camera, live remote,  and radio interviews. Participants will  learn how to control a crisis instead of letting the crisis control them.

Community outreach. We create a client-facing persona for organizations that want to connect with and inform community and customers.

Video production. Carr Communications offers complete video producti0n services for corporate communications, including internal video, web video, and video news releases.